Squeeze Play

Inspired by the author’s career as a sportswriter for the
Washington Post, SQUEEZE PLAY tells the story of female reporter A. B. Berkowitz, who is assigned to cover the men of the Washington Senators — the worst team in major league baseball.

Life in the locker room shows her not just the players’…um…assets but also their all-too-human frailties. Love for the game and love for the newspaper business are the stars in this hilarious and heartbreaking novel that “will have you singing a rousing chorus of ‘Take Me Out to the Locker Room'” (People).

Critical Praise

“There hasn’t been a good baseball novel since Mark Harris’s series of books about southpaw Henry Wiggins. Until this one…Squeeze Play will have you singing a rousing chorus of ‘Take Me Out to the Locker Room.’”
— People

“The best novel ever written about baseball…the funniest, raunchiest, and most compassionate baseball novel I’ve ever read…sure to offend some people who cried during Field of Dreams-and that’s good enough for me.”
— ALLEN BARRA, Entertainment Weekly

“Leavy’s hilarious debut is a strong early candidate for MVP of the…sports novel season…As raunchy as stories by Dan Jenkins and Peter Gent, as authentic as exposes by Jim Bouton and Jim Brosnin, this tale…will delight.”
Publishers Weekly

“…Jane Leavy’s terrific Squeeze Play will have you reeling with laughter.”
— Larry King

“Squeeze Play does for baseball what Semi-Tough did for football.”
Washington Post Book World

“…does baseball mythology proud…the overall effect is that of a surreal parody, with a baseball team and newsroom that Mel Brooks might have assembled, where nobody and no activity is life-size, and where sex is a metaphor for baseball: you gotta play hurt.”
New York Times Book Review